We want our team to be a fun, productive, and safe space for all members. In addition to core values of respect and honesty, there are several ways in which our product team distinguishes itself.

We work with and alongside other teams at Vox Media. Editorial team members and others across the company are our peers and collaborators, not our clients. We maintain open lines of communication and foster good working relationships—indeed, friendships—with our colleagues. And we often switch roles: Product members write for our editorial teams; writers and editors serve as product managers, designers, and engineers; and advertising staffers contribute to the same products that we all use. That collaboration is core to our success.

We value so-called “soft” skills as much as “hard” skills. That is, we love code, but we recognize that writing code is not the only or most important way to contribute to great products. In fact, we object to the labels “soft” and “hard” inasmuch as they presume one set of skills is more valuable than another. “Non-technical” is not synonymous with “inferior.”

We believe in diversity, not merely because it’s a mechanism for happier, more productive teams, but because we believe we have an obligation to work against structural discrimination. This obligation manifests itself in myriad ways—hiring and promotion policies, community outreach, and in our own culture—in which this code of conduct plays a critical role.