In creating this code of conduct, we were inspired by the SRCCON code of conduct, the Recurse Center User’s Manual, and guidelines from the Ada Initiative.

In addition, we consulted many excellent resources, including:

  • The Geek Feminism wiki has excellent resources on feminism and its history within the geek community, including this outstanding guide for allies.
  • Christina Xu’s essay on blowhard syndrome, the evil twin to impostor syndrome. As Xu capably points out, while many of us do suffer from impostor syndrome, the reverse—the pathological belief that you can do anything—is arguably more destructive.
  • Kate Heddleston’s essays on criticism and argument culture. In the former, Heddleston notes how criticism can be counter-productive and provides positive alternatives for effective feedback. In the latter, she describes argument culture, explains how it creates a toxic atmosphere, and provides constructive ways out—including adopting the “yes, and” improv mantra.