Members of the Vox Product team are invited to contribute to this code of conduct in one of two ways: either by filing an issue to raise a concern or share feedback, or by opening a pull request with suggested changes. If you have a question or suggestion for evolving the policies, file an issue outlining your suggestion, providing as much context as you can. If you’ve spotted a typo, discriminatory language, or any other change which could be more expediently handled via a commit, go ahead and open a pull request.

You may speak privately about a proposed change to your manager or a member of the product leadership team before raising it here, if you like.

Team members are expected to watch this repo and are invited to contribute to discussions around changes. Note, of course, that contributions to the code and discussions around it are themselves governed by the rules of the code.

All changes and suggestions will be vetted by the product leadership team, the people and culture team, and, if necessary, by the legal department.